Wednesday, June 07, 2006


Milkshakes fuck me up badly, really badly. Had a milkshake last night and now I'm coughing like a biotch. I'm freakin allergic to chocolate man, don't you think that's sad?! Of all things that I have to be allergic to, chocolate. I love chocolate! WHY CHOCOLATE DAMMIT!!?!?!?!?!!11!1!!!1! PISSUM SHITTUM GRAGHRAEGREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRKKHKK!!!!!!!!!! EYARRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHH

teen angst. =)

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Bring me the disco king.

Haven't posted in awhile. Let's see what happened the past couple of weeks. Rizman(who has the most interesting blog ever, introduced me to the wonders of David Bowie and an ethopian jazz artist;Mulatu Astatke,Speaking of which,I realised Jazz is actually the most underestimated music genre.

Been playing alot of video games lately,Hung out with Al yesterday,He is a big transformers freak btw,as in really really big,Hell I wouldn't spend $99.90 on a toy.I bought Tool's New Album; 10,000 days. Nicest album design ever, the album has fucking stereoscopic lenses for fuck's sake,My favourite song off that album is 'Roseta Stoned',My cousin from UK is back in singapore again,Ate chilli crab and bought Revolver today just because Tool's on the frontpage,I've got jamming tomorrow at The Hudsucker Proxy,I'm still a big fan of Star Wars,I still do not like Emo music and I crave for Sushi. Bye.

Friday, May 19, 2006

The WTF post.

I had a really surreal conversation with three good friends of mine today, Algernon,Siva and Rory. I went to siglap with Siva to meet Algernon, had a pretty delightful dinner before going to Macs to meet Rory. We had a really really good talk that left me thinking throughout the night, even now.. as I'm typing, I'm thinking.

Have you ever thought about the Universe,Galaxy,Space,Evolution,The World in general..? We were talking about shit like that and it's really kind of creepy to actually really think about it. A theory I read somewhere and kind of support is that the galaxy is made up of time. Maybe, our future is pre-destined and it is waiting for us, we are just travelling through the galaxy to get there. The galaxy could possibly be sort-of an instrument of delivery to the future/past. For some reason, I can actually really picture the galaxy being time itself. Maybe right now, at this very moment, the dinosaurs are still living but we've gone past that stage.. BUT we can possibly go back to that period of time by unlocking the mystery and secrets of the galaxy. Hell, we could go back to that period of time wearing jeans and nike shoes. I might sound ridiculous but hey, it's just a theory that some people do believe in. And for some reason, it sort of makes sense to me.

The next topic we touched on was about the future. What you see on Television may not happen, the whole sky city with flying cars and robots walking around. I don't really think the future would be that way. As Siva said, with the current global warming effect.. The water level could rise in the future and flood the entire earth, and FISHES, yes fishes, would evolve into some kind of advanced and intelligent creature, maybe mermaids/mermen? Aquatic Life could be the next stage of evolution just like Dinosaurs and Mankind. Siva told me he read somewhere that we actually evolved from fishes. Sounds weird indeed eh? and from fishes, we adapted to changes and became land-fishes(alligators probably) and a gazillion years later, we could have possibly resembled a mammal-like amphibian, and then another gazillion years later, evolve into a monkey and you know the rest. Now that we are humans, what is our next step of evolution? unfortunately, we won't live to find that out.

Algernon proved a point about that. Cockroaches existed way before the dinosaurs did, a cockroach was a foot-long back then and it is probably one of the only few living things to experience the 3 stages of evolutions that took place on earth, Dinosaurs, to Whatever, to Humans. If you notice, pesticides are made to kill cockroaches, but the cockroaches these days are getting used to pesticides..adapting and evolving slowly, that could possibly be the reason why scientists constantly change the chemical content in the pesticides.

Another topic we talked about was life after death. Do you remember anything before you were born? Maybe that could be what would happen to you when you die. Everything is just shut out entirely. You wouldn't have to worry about being bored or anything because you can't think. You don't exist. You aren't there. It's just a theory, another theory is that you will move onto a different paralleled universe, a different dimension in general(could possibly be heaven or hell).

And I also do believe alien lifeforms exist. I don't think of the word Alien as paley skin,big black eyes and UFOS. Aliens, to me, mean life-forms that exists outside Earth.. And I think there are many many aliens that exist, possibly watching and observing us. Speaking of that, I was watching National Geographic afew days ago and a scientist was talking about how stars usually drop from the sky at night. What happens to them? The scientist in that program came up with a theory that the stars would usually drop into the sea and sink right underneath where everything is pitch-black and dark. These stars could contain alien lifeforms and could possibly break out from these stars and form a civilization under the sea, live in the underground water caverns and observe us from there. If the stars doesn't reach the sea however, it will die out together with a alien life-form in the star and just disappear. It could be possible because nobody has ever gone down that deep into the sea, it's almost impossible to explore the very depths of it actually, the most a researcher/explorer has gone is the pitch-black stages but there could be way more stuff underneath. Think about it, more and more weird mutated sea creatures are being found everyday. Could that possibly be the work of these alien life-forms? or something to do with evolution?

I can go on for this for hours. But I've posted enough for today. Well,people, if you are interested in this entry I just posted up, you certainly have to watch '2001: A Space Odyssey', One of the greatest films ever. The ending is really creepy and scary.. The Protagonist gets lost in space and evolves into some kind of weird deity. It might sound abit odd to you but the movie is really realistic.. Stanley Kubrick is a genius, just like David Lynch and Darren Aronofsky. (P.S I can't wait for 'Lone Wolf & Club' and 'Inland Empire')

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Hello readers, sorry I haven't updated in awhile. Anyway, it's Rory's bday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY RORY! and it's mommy's day too so HAPPY MOMMY'S DAY MOM!

Sunday, May 07, 2006

Mmmmm...acting. I love mee some good actinggg..

I was just watching Led Zeppelin's Moby Dick live video. And my god, John Bonham's drumming is godly. Greatest drummer of all time? Hell fuckin yeahh. 30 minute drum-solo.. no cockups at all.. All hail the great John Bonham.

The Panopticon jammed at Beat Merchants last night. Quite a frustrating session although we have finalised our second song, sounds pretty cool, reminiscent of Isis, whahahaha! nott shyy ehh? Speaking of The Panopticon, we have an ambient track that will be used as the intro song for our EP, so do check it out at I've also gotten used to my double pedals. I managed to create a constant *drrrr* sound on my double pedals without using much strength today, which was very surprising. That certainly made my day. Whaha.

Anyway, I will be filming a 15 minute independent film late this month together with two good buddies of mine, Fezz and Siva. The script has already been written. The film revolves around a man who develops some kind of paranoia and isn't able to see anyone at all, thus making him believe the world has ended. Do check it out once we are done. If it receives good response, we might enter it in a short film competition. And anyone interested in filling in for cameo appearances, feel free to email me at

Thursday, May 04, 2006

I am Ahab.

I finally bought my double pedals last night! It's the DW 5000 series and it's smooth as hell. I practised for an hour today till my legs started aching like a bitch. It's kind of weird though, that I can only double pedal properly without my shoes on in the studio, but whereas at home, I need my shoes on to formulate a constant *drrr* sound. Anyway, I managed to come up with afew catchy beats using the double pedals and I'm quite happy about that, hopefully I can make use and showcase them, shall practise again tomorrow. I'll try to nail the Heel-To-Toe technique this time.

I've gotten quite sick of the whole Hardcore and Metal scene lately. The Metal and Hardcore scene in Singapore is so stagnant, all the new bands that are coming out these days sound the same.. and it's really kind of sad. I guess I'm drifting away from that whole Metalcore thing and favoring a new style of music, that whole Progressive Sludge sound. Mastodon man! lol.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Spirited Away

Spirited Away follows the fanciful adventures of a 10-year-old girl named Chihiro, who discovers a secret world when she and her family get lost and venture through a hillside tunnel. When her parents undergo a mysterious transformation, Chihiro must fend for herself as she encounters strange spirits, assorted creatures and a grumpy sorceress who seeks to prevent her from returning to the human world.

What can I say? I don't usually watch cartoons but this film is worth buying and keeping and watching over and over again. One of the greatest animated films ever made. It's definitely in my top 10.